Clinic of podiatric medicine Pied Outaouais

Pied Outaouais offers several services for foot care treatments by our team of experienced podiatrists !
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Our foot care services :

Plantar wart

Diabetic foot

Skin and foot care

Nail care

Wound care

Our team

Dr. Julie Gauvreau, owner
Dr. Gauvreau is a dedicated podiatrist who pays particular attention to the patient’s well-being. She has a scientific thirst, which motivates her to advance her discipline and to favour multidisciplinary cooperation in order to obtain concrete results with her patients. She is proactive by nature and has a deep interest in podiatry (children’s podiatry), where she has completed further training at NYCPM (New York College of Potriatric Medicine) and holds a degree in radiology.

For foot care services adapted for you, please contact our podiatric clinic in Gatineau !