Our clinic


Our podiatric clinic in Aylmer has a mission to solve your foot care problems. Although sometimes neglected, the health of your feet is fundamental to your daily activities. To prevent future injuries, you must keep an eye on your feet to detect any apparent pain.

Pied Outaouais offers you services with the most modern and elaborate techniques to ensure your physical well-being. For us, each patient is treated with the utmost professionalism and is offered services individually tailored to the health of their feet.



Our team of podiatrists has the knowledge and know-how to detect existing or future problems with your feet. From X-rays to surgery, our podiatrists are highly qualified to examine and diagnose your foot problems for an optimal solution for your foot health.

Our Professional Team

Our professional team is fully qualified and has the work experience necessary to provide an answer to each type of podiatric challenges faced by our patients. Our Aylmer foot care clinic also offers continuous training to improve the skills and expertise of our professional team.


Our Values

Your well-being is our first priority at our podiatric clinic, and our approach is patient-centred. The values we share with our team and our clients are transparency, listening skills, professionalism and trust.

Our Services

Pied Outaouais’s podiatric clinic is distinguished by the multiple services offered to patients. Each client will find what they need for the comfort of their feet. We offer nail care, skin care, wound care, foot pain and podiatry for children. Our Aylmer podiatry clinic is also committed to providing home care services to facilitate your trip and scheduling needs.



  • Ordre des podiatres du Québec
  • Association des podiatres du Québec
  • UQTR