Nail care


The hygiene of your nails must be maintained regularly. Certain factors contribute to the difficulty of maintaining your toenails. To alleviate the problems described above, it is important to consult your podiatrist frequently. So don’t wait any longer and go make an appointment at our podiatric clinic in Gatineau today!

Nail care and hygiene :

Whitening of problematic nails ;

Cutting and removal of problematic nails ;

Advice and follow-ups with our podiatry clinic.


The ingrown toenail is a common problem that occurs when one side of the nail, most often the big toe nail, digs into the skin, causing a painful inflammation of the foot. If the ingrown toenail is left untreated, the skin on the side of the nail can become infected; this infection can spread to the tissues, and sometimes even to the bone. There are many causes of ingrown toenails: deformed nails, improper cutting of the nail, underlying bone pathology, heredity, etc.



The onychomycosis is also known as fungus or mycosis. Its appearance is favoured by the practice of a sport or by a trauma of the foot. It can also be athlete’s foot that has mutated to the nails. Its evolution is sometimes manifested by a detachment of the nail, a yellowing and/or a thickening of one or more toenails. However, it is normal for nails to thicken with age and some skin diseases can cause symptoms that are very similar to those of a fungal infection. When left untreated, it spreads quickly and can be very resistant. Contact our podiatric clinic for your nail care in Gatineau today!

Additional podiatric services:
● Bathing to clean the skin and soften the thickened skin of your feet for proper podiatric treatment;
● Thinning, trimming and clearing of problematic nails;
● Counselling and the possibility of prescribing topical medications.



The primary function of a nail is to protect the bone it covers. When a nail suffers significant trauma, a hematoma forms that may partially or completely cover the surface of the nail. This accumulation of blood under the nail can be painful and to avoid the loss of the nail, it is necessary to consult quickly. It is strongly recommended to have the nail examined to exclude a wound and a fracture of the underlying bone. Make an appointment at our podiatric clinic in Gatineau today!


Trauma and foot care:

  • Thinning, trimming and clearing of problematic nails;
  • Permanent or non-permanent partial surgery; 
  • Advice and follow-ups with our podiatry clinic.




If you have any questions or concerns about the health of our nails, contact our podiatric care clinic in Gatineau.