Wound care


People with diabetes must pay special attention to their feet, because sensation is often disturbed, which is called diabetic neuropathy. Indeed, an injury can appear on the feet without being noticed.

In general, diabetes affects the small blood vessels, resulting in a reduced blood supply to the feet and poor healing of the injury. A wound that is slow to heal can develop into an ulcer, which can lead to infection and sometimes even amputation. It is important for diabetics to see their podiatrist at least once a year to maintain good foot health.

When diabetes is less well managed and calluses are found under the feet, it is important to act quickly to prevent complications. Get appropriate podiatric advice by visiting our podiatric care clinic in Gatineau today!

Foot treatment and care:

● Bathing to clean the skin and soften the thickened skin of your feet for proper podiatric treatment
● Thinning, cutting and clearing of problematic nails
● Debridement and thinning of problematic skin
● Advice and possible prescription of emollient cream
● Hygiene advice and education on wound prevention
● Follow-up with our podiatry clinic in Gatineau.

Prevention is the best option, make an appointment with our podiatry clinic in Gatineau.(